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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pre-Order Wedges Shoes


Click HERE for Pre-Order Shoe Term & Conditions and Shoe Size Guidance.

Please read it carefully before proceed.

Gentle Reminder: Please remember to write color and size when purchase.

Click on the photo below to view our complete catalogue on Wedges Shoes


Pre-Order Wedges Shoes
All item - FREE postage, Buy 3pcs - 10% Discount

Click on below album to view complete catalogue

Pre-Order Shoes Term & Conditions

1. Shoe sold are not refundable or exchangeable.

2. In view of sizes discrepancies, if the size cannot fit, the best we can do it to help the buyer resell it. We will only pay buyer once the shoe was purchased by another customer.

3. We will include a detailed description of every item for the buyers to refer.

4. Buyers is advise to purchase slightly bigger size than the normal size you wear.

5. Due to setting of the monitor, color might be slightly different with the picture posted; therefore, we will state the actual color of the item.

6. Out of stock might happened on pre-order item. Don’t worry, we will inform you and refund the full amount.

7. Please DO NOT place order if you are unable to wait for the shipment to arrive.

8. Please note that NO ORIGINAL SHOE BOX will be provided during shipping, we will use other box to ship it. All shoes are imported from overseas factory and we are using air freight to ship the shoe so that buyer may get it earlier. Therefore if shoe box is included, the air freight will be higher, as the result the shoe price will be higher as well.

Anyway, the most important is the shoe was in good condition and nice, box does not really matter right ?


Shoe Size Chart

All shoe size are given in UK size. Please view the above for comparison.

If you worried that sizes given might not be that accurate, here are some guides that I found on internet that might help you.

1. First, lay a piece of paper on the floor & tape the edge of the paper.

2. Stand on the paper with your larger foot. Normally is the opposite of our writing hand. Meaning if you are left hander, your right foot will be slightly bigger.

3. Take a pencil to trace the outline of your foot onto the paper.

4. Draw a straight line at the END of the traced foot, another line on the tip of your LONGEST toe.

5. Use a ruler in CM (centimeter) to measure the distance of both lines. (*pictures credit to

6. The longest length and the widest width of your leg will be the size for your shoe. View the above shoe size chart for details.

Just a guide for you, hope it helps ~

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ready Stock : Lovely 2 Hand Bag

Lovely 2 Hand Bag

Product Code : HB085
Price : RM 53.00
Color : Black, Gold, Pink, Gray, White
Material: artificial leather
Width: 25
Height: 20
Open: 17
raised to: 15
hatchback :100

Ready Stock : Lovely Sling Bag

Lovely Sling Bag

Product Code : HB084
Price : RM 49.00
Color : Pink, Black, Gold, White
Material: artificial leather
Width: 30
Height: 34
Open: 22
raised to: 18
hatchback :25

Ready Stock : Puzzle Sling Bag

Puzzle Sling Bag

Product Code : HB083
Price : RM 43.00
Color : Coffee, Black
Material: PU Leather

Ready Stock : Stylo 2 Girl Sling Bag

Stylo 2 Girl Sling Bag

Product Code : HB082
Price : RM 43.00
Color : Black, Red
Material: artificial leather
Width: 40
Base Width: 14
Height: 36
Open: 37
raised to: 16
hatchback :60-120
Capacity: A4 can be incorporated within the bag

Ready Stock : Stylo Girl Sling Bag

Stylo Girl Sling Bag

Product Code : HB081
Price : RM 43.00
Color : Red, White, Yellow
Material: artificial leather
width: 44
Base Width: 15
Height: 33
Open: 36
raised to: 12
hatchback :64-124
Capacity: A4 can be incorporated within the bag

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ready Stock : Unisex Style Bag

Unisex Style Bag

Product Code : HB080
Price : RM 49.00
Color : Dark Brown, Camel Brown
Composition: PU Leather
width: 45cm
wide under: 48cm
width Low: 14cm
Package High: 35m
long belt: 130cm
handle high: 20cm
zipper closure pocket: 1

Ready Stock : Very Feminine Delightful Bag

Very Feminine Delightful Bag

Product Code : HB079
Price : RM 43.00
Color : Gray
Composition: PU Leather

Ready Stock : Reggae Fringe Sling Bag

Reggae Fringe Sling Bag

Product Code : HB078
Price : RM 39.00
Color : Pink
Composition: PU Leather
width: 28cm
wide under: 28cm
width Low: 4cm
Package High: 18m
long belt: 130cm

Ready Stock : Stylish Glamour Snake Skin Bag

Stylish Glamour Snake Skin Bag

Product Code : HB077
Price : RM 39.00
Color : Beige White, Blue, Bronze, Pink
Material: high-quality imitation snake skin
inside: inside delicate fabric
width: 27cm
height: 15cm
Xiekua metal chain: 118cm
Shoulder metal chain: 60cm
Capacity: can not put A4 and folders.

Ready Stock : Chain Cikou Handcarry Bag

Chain Cikou Handcarry Bag

Product Code : HB076
Price : RM 39.00
Color : Beige, Black, Camel Brown, Coffee
Material: Synthetic leather
lining: fabric
width fine inside: 35cm
Bottom Width: 6cm
Height: 18cm
Opening: 29cm
handles: 28cm
Capacity: can not put A4 and folders.
Inside the bag: two
openings by: Zip + Cikou type

Ready Stock : Bagio Messenger Bag

Bagio Messenger Bag

Product Code : HB075
Price : RM 39.00
Color : Black, Gray, White
Material: PU (main ingredient) ,beige cotton lining
Uses: Shoulder bag / Messenger bag
Wide-Width : 25cm
High : 20cm

Ready Stock : Sky Blue Bag

Sky Blue Bag

Product Code : HB074
Price : RM 39.00
Color : Camel, Dark Coffee, White
Material: Synthetic leather
lining: fabric width
fine inside: 27cm
Bottom Width: 6cm
Height: 21cm high :68-132cm
shoulder strap opening: 20cm
handles: 7cm
Capacity: can not put A4 and folders.
Inside the bag: two
openings by: zipper

Ready Stock : Black Casual Bag

Black Casual Bag

Product Code : HB073
Price : RM 49.00
Color : Black
Material: PU Leather

Ready Stock : Fashion Sling Bag

Fashion Sling Bag

Product Code : HB072
Price : RM 39.00
Color : Bronze, Coffee, Silver Gray
Material: Jacquard
lining: fine cloth inside
width: 51cm
Bottom Width: 42cm
Height: 31cm
strap high: 21cm
strap length: 125cm
Capacity: can hold A4 and folders.
Inside the bag: 2
a compartment zipper bag opening by: zipper